My case is simple: I'm looking for a loop pedal for my guitar. I've been playing for a little over a year, and I have long decided that a loop pedal would do absolute wonders for my practice and even general screwaround-time.

My knowledge of these however, is very limited. So I was looking for some guidance and pointers. The information I can provide is this:

My budget goes up to 200-300$, but of course I'd like to keep it as low as possible.
I intend to use it for practice, not gigging.
GO RC-2! best pedal on my pedal board, never had so much fun with something so small
RC-20XL looks fantastic too, but it is a LOT more expensive than RC-2.

Is it worth the difference? What will it let me do that the RC-2 won't?
+1 to the EHX Looper. The 2880 is also amazing, but the learning curve is high, just like the price.

Until today, I used an Akai Headrush E2, which I LOVE. Amazingly easy to use (click to record, click to stop, click again to record over, etc). You can hear it being used live in my mp3s (listen to the clicks). For $200 new, I think it is far better than the RC-2.

Good luck!
I think this is a bad idea.

What you should do is get a nice digital delay that has a looper function. That will do you a lot more good than a specialized loop pedal.

Boss DD-7, Line 6 DL4, EHX SMMw/H, Digitech DL-8, etc.

Or, Akai Headrush.
Oh, I forgot about the SMM/H!

Even though I don't like the delay tone (AT ALL), it has a great looper and lots of features. For someone who has been playing so briefly, it may be a better choice.

Good catch, Mitch
Digitech JamMan. I have one, and it's great.
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