and it said:

"Hey Teddy,
We have received your press package in the mail and just wanted to say thanks for having us in mind. We receive many demo submissions every day, but listen to everything we receive, even if it does take us a while to get to them all. We will be listening to your demo soon and if it is something we might be interested in, we will be in touch.
Thanks again and take care!"

I addressed the package to their president, and wrote "requested material" on the envelope, but it was a different dude who emailed me. My email address was written on the CD itself and on the letter, so he had to look at one of them to get it. I also told them not to worry about responding unless they were interested because "I know you're very busy."

Has anyone else ever got anything like this? I'm just trying to figure out if they send the exact same thing to everyone (likely, but it seems very time-consuming and unnecessary to me, especially with a small staff), or if this dude actually took five minutes out of his day because he liked my package (which was exceptionally creative and would definitely stand out).

I sent it about three and a half weeks ago, and it takes a week or two to get there, so it also seems a little fast, considering they get a ton of demos.
Seems like a good sign considering he actually had to open it to respond. Labels do often prefer fancy packaging more than an informal e-mail so you did the right thing.

EDIT: Just curious, which label was this?
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Automated response. Don't get your hopes up. Some dude in the mail room making minimum wage opened the package, entered your info into a computer, and that got sent out. Maybe an A&R guy will listen to your CD. Maybe not. Maybe you'll hear from him. Maybe not.

im thinking its this honestly.
Not that I really know what I'm talking about, but that sure does sound like an automated response, if not a standard response. Don't take that response as a sign of anything except for the fact that they got your package.

PS: Is Teddy short for Theodore? I've never heard of a girl named Theodore :P
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PS: Is Teddy short for Theodore? I've never heard of a girl named Theodore :P

Maybe it was addressed to her clothes.

It's an automated/standard response. It's basically an acknowledgment that they have received your package.
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It was Trustkill. I did my research, they don't even have a mail room or any specific A&R guy (which is why I decided to address it to the president). But yeah, I figured it was standard. At least they opened it

Quote by Eastwinn
Is Teddy short for Theodore? I've never heard of a girl named Theodore :P
It's short for Teddilyn.
What a good feeling haha. Well anyways good luck man hope it is real!!! *not being sarcastic*
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I looked up Trustkill's demo submission guidelines, check out rule #5
Anything extra you can send is great, such as live videos, cash, bios, reviews, photographs, cash, candy bars, cash, nudes of your sister, etc.

Anyways, whether they listen to the demos or not we don't know but at least you managed to get their attention with the extra stuff you sent.
Sorry, I was making a bad joke about my age.

It appeared to be a type of form letter, designed to keep the person who submitted the package on the hook.

There may be others who need to make the decision to accept or reject.

The letters my partner and I get for some of our submissions are usually yes/no. Any "maybes" should be pursued, but don't be too disappointed if they pass, and if you decide to do business with them, get help with contracts.