So school starts in about a week and a half and im taking a music theory class. I got into it without the prerequience (spellcheck) because its an honors class. The teacher just told me "Sal, if you can read notes in the bass and treble cleft you will be fine" <-- i still have yet to do. I have flash cards with a staff and a note on one side then the name on the other for both clefts. I need some tips and maybe a few links to sites that will get me comfy with reading sheet music because i cant blow this class
It's very simple, I'm sure you can Google it and easily find what you need.

And bravo on taking a Music Theory class. Last year i took my first year of theory and it expanded my knowledge of music so much that playing guitar and piano were easier and more enjoyable. You also learn all kinds of rules that at first may be confusing but work every time.
ok - start with spelling clef right - there is no 't' at the end

only way to learn sheet music is practice practice and more practice - just pick up a guitar and find some sheet music - GP and PT will be fine - say each note name and play it on a guitar - do this for a few hours and you'll have the basics down - but just keep at it.

EDIT: do you need to actually be able to play the notes or just name them - playing them on a guitar is less useful if you're just naming, but if you know your scales etc. on guitar you can cut your work in half
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
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^^ for now i just need to know how to read the music, i can apply it to guitar after for my own use which is what im planning on doing