OK, I have a licensed floyd rose bridge. When my guitar goes out of tune, do I ONLY use the fine tuners, or can I open the locking nut and tune it there?
Your guitar shouldn't go out of tune, How often does it go out of tune..

Once a week?
Once a day?
Once a strum?
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like a string goes slightly out of tune every few hours and i have to adjust the fine tuners just a tiny bit.
My guitar tech guy said i cant unlock and relock the nut because it bends the string too much.
you can do either. The fine tuners are just for tinier adjustments. It's best to keep your fine tuners about in the middle of their range, so have room to go either up or down as needed. If it goes really out of tune, unlock the nut and tune it.

Hey, if you're whammy goes out of tune with even the slightest touch, you'd best get a new bridge or never use the bar if you ever play a gig or show with that guitar.

What kind of guitar do you have?
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OK wait. are you sure its ok to unlock the nut, tune the guitar, lock it again, and play? cause my guitar tech guy said thats bad.
Only if the string is way out of tune. The fine tuners can handle everything else.
after you lock it again you will have to fine tune it. the clamping of the nut sharpens the pitch of the strings some. if its just a problem with one string you are best off to tune with the fine tuners so you dont throw everything out of whack. if it is going out of tune tho, get a proper setup done on it....... something isnt working correctly
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i just got it set up to play in drop c, and its new too. but the guy said that once you lock the nut, you cant unlock it (unless you restring).
Your question has been answered many, many times.

I'll sum it up:

A) it's fine to unlock the nut if the string is drastically out of tune, but its a potch if it's hardly out of pitch

B) fine tuners can usually handle it

C) It's fine to unlock your locking nut.
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