ha, anything else? I'm asking for U.S coz thats reasonable, staying in the country and all right?
Maybe I should be more specific, how much knowledge of music do schools expect you to have at the very least?
All the music colleges are very expensive. But as far as passing the auditions, if it's a classical school you need a few pieces from different classical periods If it's jazz you will select and play a tune showcasing your talent, improvise over a standard, sight read, and ear training exercises.

Here's a list of things Juilliard looks for in their auditions:

• A serious commitment to music training and a career in music
• A potential for meeting the technical standards of Juilliard’s
professional training program in the major field.
• Exceptional talent and potential as a performer.
• Broad and thoughtful interest in the world of music, including its
historical traditions and contemporary trends.
• A clear dedication to artistic excellence and a desire to exercise
artistic leadership.
• A high level and quality of previous training and musicianship.
• A capacity for sustained, disciplined practice.
• Ability to sight-read music.
• Personal maturity and a generosity of spirit essential to ensemble work."
I'd be in for jazz and probably wouldn't be going to Juilliard though. I'd expect the qualifications to be pretty much the same though. Thanks
What I posted for jazz is what Berklee does for jazz. Some people they don't do improvising or ear training. It all depends on how good you play and what you know.

If you know more and are a great player, they keep throwing harder and harder things at you so they can see where you are at in your learning.
But is their a limit? Like say I have a little bit of theory (getting stronger), but I'm applying so I can learn more. I don't know why I'm worrying so much, it sems kind of imature to, but I can't help it, lol.
you just have college butterflies, everyone does. don't worry about it too much. Just keep getting better and prepare the best you can.
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You skills on the instrument are probably 1st, then sight reading, the rest would only be a small part.
last question i think then, so actual technique is more important that theory in this case?
Quote by lzfan933
last question i think then, so actual technique is more important that theory in this case?
Yes. If they already wanted you to know a load of theory they wouldn't have harmony I type classes