Hey guys, long time no see! Here's a song I wrote called Vindiction. I'll C4C whatever you ask me to
Well, I like the drum intro. Do not like the flat 2nd in the bass line, but oh well. It's not that bad. Like the high, arpeggiating guitar, and I just generally like it when everything comes in. I like the verse, especially at bar 29. The bridge is awesome, too, and the chorus could be great with vocals, for now there's no problem with it.

Like the pre-verse, too. I like verse 2 more than verse 1, definitely. Bridge is still great, and the chorus is still good. Interlude's alright at first, nothing wrong, just a bit lacking. Like the bass and guitar trading off, sort of. I really like the third verse. Especially the clean guitar. Chorus is, of course, still fine. The outro is good, too. That random bassline could be better, but I like the idea.

Overall, a lot better than I thought. The bass at first almost just turned me off, but it ended up being great. Good job.
I liked this song, I enjoyed it alot

the drum intro was pretty cool and I thought the bass when added made it even cooler.
The verse I loved, espicially verse 3. The chorus was cool and the outro finished the song off nicely.
The interlude was slightly lacking, but I still liked it.

Overall, Awesome

Oh Yeah and sorry if my comment doesn't really help or anything in anyway, I'm not used to critting people's songs
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