I like having my strings be at the same level between the nut and the tuning pegs, like all parallel and at the same angle. Is there a trick to doing this? I try to hold them down as I wind them, but they always end up at different angles. Is it important to keep them at the same angle by any chance, or does it just look nice? (I have a locking nut)
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It's not really preventable, but you can get string trees on the guitar, so it keeps the strings down. Most guitars already have one for the 1st and 2nd strings.
The only reason I could think of it being important to get additional string trees is if the strings keep popping out of the nut, because they're too high.
EDIT: However, you have a locking nut, so it shouldn't matter anyway.
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some headstocks are tilted back and string bars or string tress are use to keep the strings from popping our of the nut slots.


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