Hi all,

I'm about to go and buy some new strings for one of my guitars (an Ibanez SAS32EX) so I can put it in drop c (it is currently in standard). Apart from the obvious tuning of the strings, I'm supposed to adjust the neck to deal with lower string tension too yeah? Is there anything else I need to do? The SAS32EX has a sat pro tremelo which isn't a locking one which makes it easier I guess, but I've never restringed a tremelo before so I guess I'll be pulling out the ol' manual. xD

Anyone got any further tips? Would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Pete.

PS. Apologies if this is the sort of thing I could have found with a quick search, I don't have time to look right now. :p
its hard to tune to drop c when you have a trem. you can try it out though.
Looks like it's going to be harder than I thought again.... but still I'd like to give it a shot, then if I fail miserably I'll take it to a guitar shop and pay for someone to do it right.
Honestly, if you don't know how to set it up for Drop C yourself, get a guitar tech at the store you buy from to do it for you.

At most it'll run you 30 bucks, and that's pushing it.

GOREDIT: Sorry, didn't notice your location. I don't know the conversion, but I meant 30 USD.
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dont be worried about the trem, tons of metal bands have drop tunings with trems.
although i think there were mostly locking (nile, slayer,cannibal,etc.)
just check the floyd setup thread, i know its not a floyd, but it will give you a general idea.