I've tried two different electric tuners and for the high E and b string, and it always tunes it 20 cents sharp than it needs to be, but reads it as perfectly tuned on the tuner. So in the end, I have to tweak it by ear and loosen the pegs just for the high E and b string. If it was less than 20 and maybe closer like 5 or so, I'd be less concerned, but 20 is kinda a big gap. Is there something wrong with my intonation? I tried adjusting it, but didn't really do much...
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intonation could be wrong, you could have a dodgy machine head i've got one where you turn it a few times and then you get a big jump, you get used to it after a while
click the green link in my sig. look at first post. you need to make sure you are intonating correctly.

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