Alright so now all of a sudden my neck pickup on my guitar hardly works at all for some reason. I don't know what's happened exactly but it goes from having little to no output almost as soon as I switch to it. Maybe there's something wrong with the wiring in it or something, I don't know. If it helps, my pick-ups are BDSM humbuckers. =\ thanks in advance for any advice!!
could be dirt in the switch. you can try flicking it while spraying compressed air into it.

you can buy a can for a few bucks at a computer store.

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what brand is the guitar from? It could be loose wiring due to bad quality control, your best bet is to take it to a shop if you don't know what you're doing, chances are the fix won't cost that much (and it's inevitable if you don't know about wiring and electronics)


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Due to the BDSM pickups im thinking BC Rich?

Never played a BC Rich :P

If it's low-end then it's most probably loose wiring and a simple fix.


It's actually a reasonably high-end B.C. Rich Beast ($700). Yeah I hope it isn't the wiring, because the nearest music shop REALLY jews people out of money. No offense to jews! ^_^

To Zoso: This guitar is AMAZING, everything is great. Not the best finish ever and a low end case for this akward shaped guitar is around $160 though. =\