Over the summer i got into a fight with this punk kid. Me and my fat brother kicked his ass. Now that school started, my rich white noble gents and I f*ck with him in the halls. Call him names and talk sh*t about him.

For a while he just ignored it while we laughed at his misfortune, but earlier today he passed us by and shoved me into a locker.

I think he might try to start sh*t tomorrow and he seams really aggravated.

But i want to be ready.

So pit!
Any ideas of how i can get ready for a massive beat down tomorrow or some time in the near future?
idk you'll have time to think about it during your ban though

sorry, it's true I made a thread like this once
Goodness gracious me!
I've always wanted to make a thread like this.
I already have an active warning though.
I guess this is good bye for a while :/
Let him kick your ass, then go home and kill yourself. He'll feel guilty for the rest of his life, and the world will have one less douchebag.