i'm looking at three wahs

Dunlop 535q crybaby
MXR MC404 CAE crybaby
Fulltone clyde deluxe

i play everything, metalcore, jazz, blues, classic rock, ska, pretty much all except hip hop, but most like in the rock/metal genre if i had to say

so which do you think will be the best tone and versatility-wise?

also, if you think one wah is better than the other, but no enough to warrant the extra cash, please, let me know, if i can get a good wah for $100 less than the one that's just a tiny bit better than it, i'm probably gonna do that

here are the product pages




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The 535q is a really nice wah. I like how you can adjust it, its perfect for just about anything (excluding HEAVY METAL, THRASH, ETC.)
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Agreed. The Clyde is really good if you like that vocal 'honk', but isn't so great otherwise. The 535Q is probably the most versatile wah around, but it sounds too sterile to me. I hawked mine and got a Vox. Then again, I was looking for the Alice in Chains/Soundgarden wah sound, so that's just me.
If you get a chance...go to a store and test out the Wheeping Demon by Ibanez.
It's very versatile as well. It also has a lot of nice options. I think it was pretty innovative.
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