So I'm just sticking with the Braksa head. GC hooked me up and I'm returning 2 110''s ($129x2). I bought a used Randall R212bc from them for $199.

It took MatixClaw's advice and got this over a (very sweet looking) Basson I saw on CR for $275.

The cab sounds great. It has 2 Celestion g12-65's. I don't know what year they are, or if they are reissued or not. If anyone has any insight, please comment.


Sweet! Hows she sound?
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^ Thanks!

There is overlap on the x/y center-lines, so only 2 12's will fit. This cab was probably used as a 4x10.
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Sweet! Hows she sound?

Sound's great. I'm messing with the EQ now. It was a bit boomy and a tiny bit flubbery with my original EQ setting. I have it pretty tight now... it's getting there.

It sounds awesome with the 2 10" cabs though. I'm almost tempted to keep them... but I cant.

Do those look legit to you ?

Thanks for your help.
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Those diagonal 212s look awesome

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