Not so long ago I made a thread asking for a blues amp. Having reconsidered everything and taken me time to think this through, all I want is versatile gear. Something that will provide me with a pleasing bluesy tone if I want one, and yet gives me an opportunity to rock and roll or shred high-gain. I suppose that's asking a lot already for a 450$ budget, but I am open to suggestions and hoping for some insight.
Peavey ValveKing 112 Combo for instance, suits the price range perfectly, and seems like a pretty solid (despite being tube, LOLPUN) amp. I am visiting my local guitar store today, so I am likely going to test the Valveking along with other stuff, but at a first glance and some minor read up, the King seems like a perfect choice. Anyone experienced with the amp care to contribute?

youll need AT LEAST an OD and EQ pedal to get into shred territory. but overall its pretty versatile just not great. Ive got some decent metal clips in my profile with an EQ and OD so check it out.
Valveking CLIPS/Gear HERE
It's a good amp. I have the 2 x 12 version.

With an eq and an od you can shred no problem.

Then just use the amps distortion on its own for blues.
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it's a good amp after a speaker swap. before that, it's decent. it's quite versatile, i think, assuming you have an od for really heavy stuff (and the lighter gain stuff too). it's just workhorse amp, kind of a all-arounder.
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i would recommend a classic 30 over this personally, the tone is just dead from what i've played on them. but i guess if you want a decent size valve it's the only thing going at that price....
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The Classic 30 was the very first thing I considered, but I perceive it as a more of a blues amp really. Getting a decent heavy metal sound out of the amp on it's own, without any pedals, might be somewhat impossible. Besides, Classic 30 is a little over my budget and along with a decent pedal it could take my a while to raise funds, seeing I have no fixed income.
Classic 30 tops the Valveking. I had one (vk) and its only a little better than solid state.
For blues..the headroom wont give you that singing sustain that you may need.

I just got a Roland Microcube and I was so impressed that if i knew about them a long
time ago...I would have gotten one and saved until i had the cash for a JCM.
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