So I started off musically playing piano. I took weekly lessons for about 6 years. I was really young when I started and quit when I hit teens. I haven't really played in 5 years.

2 years ago I started playing guitar and have gotten pretty good. I recently have dramatically improved on my hand synchronization. I've been doing a lot of drills with hand synchronization (Technical Difficulties by Racer X, Curse of Castle Dragon by Paul Gilbert) and am making more progress.

However, I decided within the past week to sit down and play piano again. It's something I really enjoy and its really relaxing. However, I couldn't relax because I realized in order to play what I wanted to, my right hand was playing a completely different beat than my left hand. For people that can read music, its this:

Trying to get my hands to do that is a joke right now. I can't wrap my mind around it and tell one hand to do one thing constantly and the other hand to do another thing constantly.

I'm worried that if I keep practicing this piano song and learn that beat (and lots of other songs like that one), it'll mess me up with my guitar hand synchronization. Do you think this will happen? Thanks
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It's probably because you haven't played piano in such a long time. If you had learned to play guitar while still playing piano, I doubt you'd be having this problem. You're just going to have to relearn somethings. I highly doubt it'll mess up your guitar sync.