this is the short little intro hook plus the beginning riff of a new song im writing, i need to know whether this is good or not since i have only just started writing songs and have only been playing guitar a year
where is it?

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The only problem really is that last note in bar 3 and it again in 4, instead of the 15th fret, maybe 16th?
it seems like a good start. I like where you're going with this and it's a nice piece considering you are only a beginner. however, I noticed some things I'd like to point out to you. with guitar pro, mixing is a huge part of making something sound good. your song here nothing is panned and everything is set at a volume of 16. if you mess around with these things everything will get cleaned up and sound worlds better than you would have thought it could also, the parts are iffy especially in the middle section. I altered a couple notes in the lead and rhythm to make it sound (this is of course in my opinion only. don't feel obligated to listen to this novice of a songster ) betterish. you were just adding in a dominant 7th and the chord under it contained a major 7th. this probably was the problem I heard. it also might have just been the mixing that really stuck out that note. but anyway. good start. I like it. keep writing and try to add in some other chords as you go on instead of keeping with that C and Am good luck
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...Nothing you've ever...
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Its too jumbled in bars 3 and 4. Because of the different sounds you have going on at the same time, it just makes it sound bad tbh. The little riff you have after that is pretty simple, so theres not much to say about it. But you just started so I wouldn't take it very hard. My first writings were just as bad.


J-Edit: Oh but another thing is that lead melody is really nice. At least that shows you have an ear for what sounds good.

Oh man holy crap that sounds better with the RSE's turned on
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thanks for all the tips, they have so far been very helpful and constructive, now hopefully i can get the next part started out just as good

PS. Im not too sure what C4C means lol
C4C means crit for crit or critique for critique to be more specific. it's generally accepted in T&C to give a critique back to someone who gave one to you. Normally, you only do it if they supply you a link or ask you to though
and it's also kind of a "rule" that you should only give back as much as they gave you. In other words, don't go into really specific detail about someone's song who only told you "it was good, man"

I don't know check out the T&C rules and guidelines and stuff.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
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then im not too sure if i can critique yours jbridge since i am new to this lol
Thats fine. I'll remember your name next time you post so that I won't crit it.
ok thats harsh, i just dont see how i can critique you when i just started
Its harsh but its how it goes. Its really not that hard to critique. Most of the time people on here just want to know how it sounds anyways. As you critique, and your music knowledge and skills with identifying tones improves, it will be easier for you to give 'pro' advice.