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Without listening, i'm going to hazard a guess that it's the key of the 6th string... maybe 5th.

actually listen to them there amazing there not like anything youve ever heard.
Listen to Temporary Destabalized, please listen you'll change your opinion on them as soon as you listne to this song.
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umm... something tells me this is TS's band, they way he's pushing it.


And they remind me of Scale the Summit (though not as good). Just typical Prog Metal, though there doesn't seem to be much "progressing" except the use of time sigs, which don't seem to be too far out of the ordinary either, honestly.
im not that good at guitar its not my band hhH but what scales should i use to make a progressive riff or solo
well, to give some advice to you, I would choose something out of the ordinary pentatonic or blues scale with prog music (if you're talking prog rock, if you're talking prog metal, try figuring out song from some of the big names in the genre (Dream Theater, things like that), and add what you learned to your own playing.)
It sounds like they're in the Dorian mode, and they're harmonizing in 3rds... I think.
It sounds post-hardcorish to me, but with more of a progressive-metal sound. If you like this, try looking up Lovehatehero.

Also, might I say that these guys are pretty phenomenal. Mountains of Creation is amazing.
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