Well lately ive been having trouble fully holding down the strings, espcially the bottom B and E. For some reason i just can't get my finger to hold them down. It seems like to me i just have this part of my finger thats not pressing down even if i try.

Now im not a new wplayer or anything and ive never had these problems in the past year that ive been playing. Im currently trying to play Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, but i just can't get over this little obstacle. Does anyone have any ideas or tips to give me a little help?
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If you aren't already, try using the side of your index finger. I find that barring with the bottom of my finger requires more pressure and therefore increases tension in my hand which is always a bad thing.
ditto...i'd say alter hand position...im a noob and it has been a prob i just recently got over...i like what the second post said about using the side of your finger cause my hand position (not saying its technically correct) is somewhat like that...i kinda tilt my whole hand toward that barred fret...

still it gets hard
Mike McCready from Pearl Jam uses his thumb to fret the 6th (low E) string, meaning quite a lot of the time he's not playing barre chords in the typical way.

When i was first getting the hang of barre chords i tried fretting the index finger across all the strings from the top down (i.e. starting off with the finger closest to the knuckle fretting the top strings, and then rolling the finger down until the finger closest to the tip is fretting the low strings), which worked for me.

Or alternatively you could shift your barring finger up the string (i.e. not fretting the lower strings anymore, but with a firmer grip on the top strings). From what i remember of Yellow Ledbetter, there aren't too many times in the song where he's actually playing all 6 strings of a barre chord.
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if you're doing yellow ledbetter then you should probably be using the "thumb-over" style of barre chords - this will allow for greater movement of your fretting hand while not taking pressure of your barring fingers.
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