Ok supp U.G..
I'm a lead guitar that has been playing for 1 year.. I practiced every single day 3-4 hours and now i can sweep (clean) but still having problems with harder shapes & tempos..
I'm looking for some instructional DVDs oriented to Melodic Soloing, Sweep shapes, Modes, Metal guitar.. A metal oriented instructional video..

My band is Progressive / Metalcore / Death Metal so it would be great that you can show me some dvd's that might help..

I've already checked out a lot of them like Super Shred, Melodic Control, Metal Method..

Thanks people and i hope i don't get this thread closed
Alexi Laiho's Rockhouse DVD is pretty good. Especially if you dig Bodom
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John Petrucci's Rock Discipline or Marty Friedman's Melodic control are both awesome.
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My favorite instruct vids ever are yngwie malmsteens "play loud",zakk wyldes "pentatonic hardcore" and eric johnsons "total electric guitar"...I know what urthinking eric johnsons not metal...yeah but this vid is amazing and I think anyone can pickup some **** out of it....

I got a paul gilbert one that is a 2 dvd set I bought out of young guitar magazine...one is a straight rock one and the other he shows u how to play classical pieces which is awesome and challenging

Petruccis rock discipline is amazing also but I didn't wanna list it as a fav cause that alwys seems to b like everyones fav ever lol....

Ritchie kotzen has one called "rock guitar" or something like that and most if it is kinda same old same old but its got a few parts that made me grab my guitar and follow :p
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
Must haves :
Rock Discipline - John Petrucci
Intense Rock I and II - Paul Gilbert
Melodic Control - Marty Friedman

Everything else is second to these.
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Speed Picking by Chris Impeliteri.

Although he is an incredibly fast player, this sorta stuff bores me stupid, but its very impressive from a skill point of view. If you want to learn to play fast - get this!
lick library has a ton of really cool DVDs. I'm sure they would have a couple that would float your boat. Also, there's this dude named Todd Duane who has a few videos up on Chops From Hell.com that is AMAZING. tons of cool licks.