This was the result of an attempt to write something like Dream Theater. Doesn't sound like them at all if you ask me, but while I failed to write something like DT is did write something pretty nice imo. Not sure what genre this would be called, I guess it's kinda a mix of thrash and melodic or something, I dunno.

Please listen and tell me what you think, and I'll be glad to crit something of yours, JUST TELL ME WHAT SONG TO WANT ME TO LOOK AT!

btw the title was from one of those random song name generators lol.
Pertty damn entertaining song man. I love the drums, they sound awesome, and the lead guitar was different than most you hear. I like how it goes to the melodic after the thrash, then builds up and goes back into it. Very nice guitar work, creative too. I say we just put it in the metal genra for now.
hey man. cool song. i dident know what to think of the tile lol. but the name seems to suit it in a weird way. cool song. the intro is great. the drums sound very good for some reason. they realy held the track together. i love at 138 when that other lead guitar comes in very good playing/tone. nice song man. i dont realy have anything negative to say about it. rock on! i wouls say this is metal./

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pretty cool song! yea i agree with the rest of them id just say metal or maybe thrash.
the solo section is cool around 2:42 it doesnt sound out of place or anything that part was really well-written. and the transition from the solo back to the main riff... pretty creative haha nice job
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