Was wondering if anyone who has guitar pro would feel like tabbing some David Alan Coe songs?

I just like to find guitar pro tabs...regular ones don't do much for me since i've discovered guitar pro...anyway here are some songs I personally would find fun to be able to play

Long Haired Redneck
Never even Called me by my name
Jack Daniels if you please

thats really it, i mean i could play the chords cause thats really all you find in the tabs but really the strumming pattern is what im concerned with cause the chords never tell you how they are strumming it...

anyway if someone is willing...thanks a lot

if not, you are missing out on some cool crowd pleasers
You should just just listen closely to those songs and figure the strum pattern out for yourself. I mean it can't be that hard to figure out how to strum through a chord progression.
it isn't and im pretty close, but i want something more accurate yanno...i feel like what im doing is in the ball park but not near base. I want to get the percision down...I could play some johnny cash songs but it was so much clearer once i downloaded some guitarpro tabs for the song...

I am really not that in tune with my ear yet.