I'm wondering if anyone has the following tabs for guitar pro 5.1

Jashin to Bara
Gianism Hachi

Please make a link or send me a pm about the tabs. Much thanks.
I'm quite sure this is the tab for Jashin to Bara:

I listened Gianism Hachi and I kinda liked it. Maybe I'll try to tab it. I'll post something in here after I have tabbed it or I'm stuck with it

edit: Just noticed how old this thread is... well whatever. I'll attempt to tab that one anyway.
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Im sick of searching :P the tab of kyokutou hanshin tengoku and i cant find it.......... but on youtube there are tons (i found only 4 XD) of people who can play it.... if any one have the tab please... i need it... or if you can tab it for me i would be happy too....