I found one on CL for $300 with some cosmetic issues.

Is this a good amp? I play metal/metalcore mostly (All That Remains, Parkway Drive, BTBAM, Metallica, etc) and occasionally some hair metal. I know that Marshalls aren't the usual choice for a metal player, but could it do on its own or with a good OD?
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This would not a good choice for you at all. These amps have a really decent bluesy rock tone, but you will not get a metal tone out of it. You may if you hit the front with a Metal Muff or something.
^Wut? If you could get it for $250, I would jump on it. I can get a nice metal tone out of mine with an OD (albeit mines the 50W head). The stock speaker isn't that great though, so a speaker swap wouldn't hurt anything either.
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The 50 watt head and the combo are 2 completely different animals. They have a completely different layout and tone. The head (which I also own) is great for heavy ****. The combo uses el84s and is not at all like the head. It is lower gain, more spongy, less tight. I also would pick it up for that price, but I would not get it with the expectation that I am going to get killer metal tones out of it.
Not for metal, it's too floppy. I'd go for a JCM 900 combo if you can get your hands on one.
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