I wrote this one for the band, just wanna see if there are any improvements I could make before we put music to it. 'm working on the length, but this is what I have so far.

She was just a pretty doll,
Still had her innocence but called
The concerto home.

So when the choir called her name,
She came up to the stage,
And then we all rose
To see how this story goes.

But as the symphony ate her away,
We all attacked the stage,
But the highway wouldn't have it,
Oh no no no,
He took her,
He took her anyway.

So here she lies,
A victim of the roadside,
Of the painted pavement killer,
Known as Highway 91,
And as cars go by,
There's nothing to remember her by,
But the scratches in the fabric
Of an immovable foe.