Hey everyone

I'm looking for some input on the best way to start recording/mixing/mastering some of my own work but with limited resources. Currently, this is what i've got to work with besides actual instruments.

-an HP Pavilion laptop computer w/ Vista

-Cakewalk Sonar 8

-Whatever room i can find available on campus.

The thing that's bugging the hell out of my right now really is that i seem to have a REALLY BAD mic on my computer; whenever i record anything using any program, it seems to attempt to auto-equalize itself (maybe its not, im just saying what it sounds like), and the sound becomes painfully washed out. literally, it sounds as though the recording is being played through water encased in tinfoil. would an external mic plugged into the computer fix this?

mostly im just looking for advice on how to make quality recordings when i have only myself and my computer at my disposal. i play guitar, i sing, i dabble in other instruments, but other instruments and beats would largely be taken care of my computer (while im at school anyway).

is there anyone who regularly records on their own and does everything on their own, whether by hand or computer, who has a few tips to share?
get a firewire interface!
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Stop using an onboard mic.
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You will need a better microphone. You need an external one, and some way to attach it to your computer (audio interface). If your just getting one microphone, the Shure SM57 is considered a good all-around microphone.
Well you can do it - but it'll never sound 'studio' while you're doin it in your room, man.

Take a listen to the stuff on the link in my sig - it was all done in my bedroom with a two year old Compaq, an M-Audio fasttrack USB, and a Shure SM58 on mic. The music may or may not be your style, but it's a good idea of what you can get done with minimal equipment. Like I said, it's definitely not studio quality, but it's not bad.

Best thing you can do is get a nice interface, which'll run you about 300 bucks, and a decent mic. Or you could go the digital route and get an FX processor and run it through the interface Eq'd and all.

A great thing to do is use a compressor on your tracks after you EQ them. It evens it out without killing the attack - it's a good trick.
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i do have an adaper that will allow my mic to connect to my computer but supposedly i need some sort of driver or extra software to actually use it? maybe that's for something else entirely; will it work just to plug in a mic (mine is a Peavey Diamond Series, btw, i got it from an old friend of mine when i was starting out).

i also have a little Behringer Eurorack UB502 that i have never really taken the time to look at. i have no idea if anyone recognizes that or if its useful in the least