So my brother sort of plays electric guitar and I want to get him really into it, so I thought i would buy him some pedals, would this be a good deal?


I don't really know alot about pedals except for boutique ones so I was wondering what was UG's opinion about these dan-electro pedals? is it a really crummy brand or is this just a good deal?
Don't expect reliability or build quality. Don't tap dance on them and they'll be okay, though. They should encourage your brother on, but might distract him.
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A tube amp would be better for him, once he gets a nice tone it will inspire him to play more and then the more he plays the better he will get.
Actually, I think a practice amp would be much better so he can discover what tone he likes before he shells out for a tube amp.
Get him a cheep Peavey Vypyr and let him experiment with effects and amp tones and such so he learns what he enjoys and how to use it to make his own sound.
The Dano mini-pedals, though not as durable as most, are very good for the price. I would, if they're cheap. If you can get him to do $75 or $80 for them, I'd got for it. You're brother would probably like them. If not, keep them yourself. They aren't terrible.
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