Got this off craigslist for 60 bucks. i make that in a day so i really dont mind if its a piece of crap.....BUT IT AINT!!!!

This thing roars. i barely put the volume to 1 and it my my floor shake. theres nothing wrong with it except the level knob doesnt work(but only for clean channel) but that is easily fixed. ive heard bad things about crate but i heard that this particular model is pretty good.

its a crate MX 120R.
sounds pretty good the distortion is my kinda sound i just need to mess with the settings. and this is my first amp that i can use pedals with. and the one included is ok but i have no idea how to work it.in the future i hope on getting better pedals. reccomend me some. right now i have like 160 bucks to waste.
anyways here are the picks(yes its sorta beat up lol, but remember only 60 bucks)

And for you metalheads(that listen to testament) thats the only legacy shirt you shall EVER SEE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!lol

srry if their big. i also got picture crazy cuz i was excited lol
but yeah YAY!!! no more spider III(i still like it tho,ill practice with it often)
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Good find lol! Congratulations!! HNAD?
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Interesting High tops.


Hey, is something wrong with that left speaker baffle?

well they havent been washed since ive bought em. and mind you ive been in about 1000 pits since then and about 500+ shows. so theyre awesome.
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If that shape knob works like my Crate's... You're mids are dangerously low...

lol i just messed around with the settings. its late and i could figure out how to lower the volume lmao i just turned a bunch of stuff too 0
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Pretty good score for $60 if you ask me.

And I want those high tops D= I got a poster of Megadeth right behind me and I swear Ellefson is wearing basically the exact same shoe.
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lol, couldn't figure out how to lower the volume?

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