I'm considering buying this guitar online because I've heard a lot of great things about it. There are no local Schecter dealers here so unfortunately there's no option to play one beforehand.

The thing is, it's one of the later models with the 'Diamond Series' text that runs the length of the headstock rather than across it, and it doesn't have the coil tap toggle switch on the tone knob. So I have two questions about this guitar, if you could help me out:

(1) I've heard these later models after the redesign (post 2005?) have a lower build quality than the earlier C-1+. Is there anything to this? If so, where'd they cut corners?

(2) How much trouble would it be to add the coil tap feature to the guitar? Can I get one of the toggling tone pots from Schecter that matches the other hardware and then wire it up?

Any help would be appreciated!
1. No.
2. Not much, provided the pickups are 4 conductor. Just buy a push-pull pot and reuse the knob.
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Great, thanks for the reply.

Now I just have to find the right pot I need to swap in and then teach myself how to wire it up for an SH-4 (depending on how I find the OEM 'Duncan designed' pickups, that is).

Anyone else have an opinion on question 1? May just have been people who bought the earlier model talking up their own guitars...