Me and a mate are doing a guitar / bass duet thingie for our school's talent night and we don't know what to play. We can sing a bit, so don't suggest anything that requires an amazing voice. Song suggestions would be appreciated. Nothing too heavy.

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thank you zackR .
Californication? I duno these days people who don't play guitar think shredding is like godly so if your going for that think accordingly
yeah i'm no shredder. Californication'd be alright i guess.
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thank you zackR .
I think there's an old saying out there that goes, "If you can't show off well, don't show off at all".. so it's good that you guys aren't looking to do any fancy stuff. You could try Crossroads by Eric Clapton (the more laid-back version, not the fast and crazy version by Cream). Vocals aren't too demanding, you just need a hard-edged voice.
A few ideas:
-Get a kickin' drummer and play YYZ.
-Play My Hero acoustic, just like Dave Grohl and Nate Mendel did on Kilborne
-play some blues, easiest trick in the book
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just play some bluesy stuff.
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My first thought when I read 'talent quest' and 'guitarist + bassist' was Scarified, but since you're not shredders this'll be a no-no

Californication, Snow ((Eh Oh)), Under the Bridge or basically any populair RHCP song would do (though do prepare that someone'll need to sing).

Play some blues songs (like said before).

There's an acoustic version of 'plug in baby' by muse floating around somewhere which is very cool as well, but I don't remember much of the singing.
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what about 'Apologize' by 'One Republic'?

It's a perfect sing-along
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