ok so i ahve writen some very bad songs in my day and im gonna post my current one here its only 2 verses and a posible chorus right now but tell me what u think so far

I hope you need me now,
cause I know I still need you
cause its times like this
that make me wish we'd made it through

im just so paranoid of all i had
and nothing left to show
the only thing i cant forget
is why i let u go

so come back to meeeeeeeeeee
let me reveeeeaaaallll
all the things that i did wrong
and then maybe they will start to heal
cause i love you moreeeeeeee
than any stupid guitarrrrrrrr
and if you give me one more chance
ill treat u like a movie star
kinda cliche :/
first off. Too rhymey lol. But thats just my style I try not to make everything rhyme with everything and the occasional rhyme makes it just great

2nd Verse:
"im just so paranoid of all i had
and nothing left to show"

the word "left" bothers me because..It just doesn't go with "all i had" because IDK how to explain it...But I was thinking more of.. maybe like.. "There was nothing to show".. IDK but that one is weird.
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