i see how it is, whatever i thought these forums were cool, but you won't even let me vent my thoughts, i dont see the point of a forum if i cant ask questions and inspire thoughts and have others inspire myself, sorry i'm not into the whole "when did you pop your alcohol cherry" and ****ing "hot chicks thread" i guess this forum is for mindless kids to jerk off and let their brains rot. i've been here on and off for like 5 years but whatever, peace this is place has become an institution
later bro... you will be back in some shape or form in the future
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cof_median11 is a Child Rapist.

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Theres a mosquito that lives in my room and i let him bite me all the time and i let him live. It's our special deal. His name is "The Dude".

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cof_median11, you sick ****.
I swear every time this happens it's like they're copying and pasting what the last guy said as he had his pit-related panic attack. reported.
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