It's almost 1yr. now of learning by myself of how to play guitar, but I can't see any improvement? I dont know how to get rythm and strumming stroke of the song that I want to play help me guys.
First off try holding your guitar pick different ways because i had the same problem and changed my holding of the pick and rythm came alot smoother to me and also hpw much you choke up or down on the pick could distort ryhtm too
Play with a metronome for a while. It'll help.

My best advice I can give for strumming is use your elbow as a metronome. When you strum you aren't using your wrist, you're using your arm in a constant motion. What do I mean?

Your arm is constantly moving in the down-up-down-up strumming motion to the rhythm of the song.

Something that helps this out a lot is to constantly do that motion when you're sitting around during the day to work on getting the feel of it. This is what my teacher taught me and now people always comment on my sense of rhythm when I'm strumming.
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search on youtube for Marty Schwartz and buy his acoustic dvds. they help alot, he teaches a ton of different patterns and chord progressions.
My sister has this problem and she has been playing for 2 years, she counts everything in her head and can't break free from it, don't know if this is an issue with you?

When I started I also did this, but I got over it by listening and feeling the sound of the song I was playing, also playing along with the recorded track, it stopped me worrying and thinking about it so much and I became more fluid and less mechanical.

If playing along with the track is a struggle, you could try getting some software so you can slow the track down, I have, Guitar and Drum Trainer 3, its a very simple programme, but helps a lot.