It's not like I need it, cus I only play at home right now, but I'm getting interested in buying it just for the hell of it. So I just wanna know, do you think it's a waste if I bought this ? Also, is there anyone or anyone you know that has a wireless system who just plays at home?
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my advice is to not even bother with a wirelesss system that cheap, it will sound like ass, if you've got $100 burning a hole in your pocket buy a pedal or something.
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with all respect, it's already a "Waste" if you're doing it for the hell of it, but in the other hand, since you just want to experience with a wireless system (im guessing), then sure, why not, its the way with the least waste of money you can find to do what you wanna do ha.

have fun i guess!
I have a Nady and a Samson and dont use either one, not even live which I play all the time. Wireless is´nt really needed unless you are on the big stage moving around alot.
And have issues with tripping over your own leads :P haha
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when im on stage i use leads, but am looking for a wireless , i run about on stage , on a few occasions ive nearly tripped but was lucky what sort of wirless system should i get?
the x2 wireless is a great cheaper wireless. I use it very often and never experience any poor performance.
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i would never touch a wireless system that was only $100. something that cheap is going to pick up interference, possibly drop out at times and is going to kill your tone. if you dont need it, it really is not worth spending the $100 on it, you wont enjoy using it after a short honeymoon period.
It's a gimmick IMO.
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