Hi, as a end-of-career project me and another student from my university made a custom amp. We designed the schematic, chassis and cabinet. It's a 15W push-pull class AB with three 12AX7 in the preamp and two EL84 in the output, it has a Celestion G12-65 and a Ruby Tubes reverb. We design it to be similar to Fender amps in order to play from jazz, blues and other soft styles to rock. We name it Bluexurious and it really sounds great. Its similar to a Blues Junior or a Princeton but with some more controls, a warmer tone and with less noise and a additional channel for having a little more boost for solos, which can be controlled by te switch on the front or by footswitch. We really enjoyed doing this project so we wanted to share with people around the web. I upload the photos in rapidshare because when I tried here an error appeared, I hope it is not a problem. I hope you like it!

let me just say this, to promote my HATE OF RAPID SHARE !

the 60 second wait is bad enuff, then they give me less then 10kbps ! ARRRHHHGGGG

upload it to photobucket or imageshack, please (tho i am slowly downloading it myself)
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You deserved this, Matt.
i wouldnt be downloading any archives from someone who just registered.

upload to any one of the multitude of free image hosts, dont make people download an archive that can have anything in there (i.e. virus).
When we were designing it we thought about doing it with head and cab, but in blues and jazz styles I prefer combos, by the other hand maybe some day I do it
Hey man, you should really get some sound clips or vids up. I really like the construction of the cab and I hope it sounds as good as it looks. :P
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Which one of you gets to keep the amp?

We build a pair of amps. There are a little bit different one from each other. I wanted my amp to be for blues, jazz,... so initially it's first tube was an 12AY7, but after some tests I prefered 12AX7, because 12AY7 sounded too much thin for my preferences, and I can get blues and jazz tones too with 12AX7, even though volume control is more sensitive. My friend wanted something more rocker, so he was decided to have just 12ax7 in preamp and his speaker is a Celestion Vintage 30, he is still building it because of some problems he's having, but I hope we will solve it in a few days.
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This weekend I'm gonna make some videos and post it on youtube, I'll let you know.
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Hey man, you should really get some sound clips or vids up. I really like the construction of the cab and I hope it sounds as good as it looks. :P

I’ve upload a sample video of sound of my custom amp. It’s not high quality, ‘cause I recorded it on video option of my photo camera, but it gives you an aproximated idea. That’s the link:
Ha ha, I got 600+ kbps off Rapidshare... It rules, stop complaining.

Good tones, and sweet playing too. Now get some that isn't recorded with the camera mic. I'm not too hooked on the looks, though. The stain is a bit too patchy, and the logo looks like something from a bowling alley. But I can follow the general idea of the aesthetics.
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