I have an Epiphone SG-310 and I got it 1 year and 3 weeks ago and I have only replaced 2-3 strings because they broke. So all I basically want to know is how often should you replace them for good sound. Also, what strings and brand of strings would you suggest that i buy if I want to get a deep sound for playing in Drop D (Lamb Of God, The Devil Wears Prada Style) and Drop C (A Day To Remember, Attack! Attack!, As I Lay Dying Style)? Also pickups too. thanks!
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On topic, you should replace all of your strings when you change, not just one.

Change them when one of them breaks or they get dirty and horrible to play.
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You should listen to the sound of your guitar, when you think it has bad sound even if you try to mix it better with your amp, the it's time to change strings. And when you replace one string you should replace all strings. That's all I know! Hope it will help at least a bit
depends on the strings a bit. they lose their new sound very quickly, inside a week easily. I find leaving them on for about a month is ok but after that you're starting to head into rough feeling and average sounding territory.

Depends how fussy you are, I always like to put a new set on a few days before a gig
like 2 months?
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Every 3-6 months is typical depending on how much you play, certainly much after 6 months they start to go really cruddy and sound rubbish.
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I tend to change mine when my fretboard gets dirty, so probably once a month, 2 months max.
I try to replace them every 3 weeks to a month, I only started doing that because they used to break ever 3 weeks xD
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get "ernie ball not even slinky" if you wanna play in drop tine D or lower


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i've heard good things about dunlop strings for metal playing, and use a heavier guage (.11, .12) if youre going to downtune
but for string life, i stand by elixer strings, or any other coated strings. They cost a bit more, but they last more than twice as long for me
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3-4 Weeks for me, I use Daddario's CL and the just loose there tone after 2 weeks, and there playable for 3-4 after that, rust, dirt even with cleaning them (Dunlop string conditioner) lemon fresh BUT however I recently tried Elixer CL, and had em on for a good 5 weeks and they were felt okay.
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I try to change mine every 4-6 weeks. And you should change them all at one time, I don't understand this replacing one string ethos. It would be different if you'd just strung it and broke one, but when I hear about people breaking one string after 3 months and only replacing it, it bugs me.

Anyone need a spare? lol

Take em all off if your gonna change em, greggybhoy is right, whats the point of changing just one.
“English is the language this article is written in.”
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i try to change mine every month.

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i change mine every 2 months and clean em with dunlop string cleaner after every use
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Every 4-6 weeks
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My acoustic every one or two months, my electrics once a month, classical I haven't changed since the first time I put good ones on as they are only really for the studio, and Bass guitars once every 6 monthes as It's only for the studio and ocassional jam sessions where my buddys use it.