I was trying to record something on my computer. I played the song on my guitar while listening to the song through headphones, so I have a video of me playing just the guitar part of the song. What I then tried to do was put the original version of the song in the background. What happened was when I got the two in time with each other at the start, as the song progressed the video of me ended up slightly slower than the original song. I was told this was probably because of different sample rates between the video and the song, so I exported the video from my camera recording software with the sample rate of 44.1, and used Audacity to change the sample rate of the original song to 44.1 as well, as it was originally 48. Problem is, the two tracks still don't stay in time. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
Sample rate is not related to the "timing" of a track, it's a measure of the number of samples per second (sound quality), that's all..... For example a track 60 seconds long is still 60 seconds long regardless of the sampling rate, the higher the sampling rate the better the sound quality...

What you probably have is a slight delay caused by recording from two different sources..

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