Money is tight and i have some bills that are starting to worry me. so the gear that's not getting used has to go.

First up is my Geddy Lee Jazz bass with case. has one or two small dings, and is a little over a year old. these things go for $1300 new without a hardshell case.
looking for $650 shipped

next up my krk Rokit 6 monitors. bought these 4 months ago. have no use for em now. comes with the 2 monster cables i bought to hook them up to my interface. cost me $450 all together
looking for $300 shipped

next up, my GK backline 600 head. Bought this the same time as my geddy lee. it's in perfect condition as i've barely played it. looking for $200 shipped

and lastly my interface. A presonus audiobox USB interface.
look it up on musiciansfriend for specifics but they go for $200 new last time i checked
Looking for $100 shipped

best off emailing me at citizentheband@gmail.com