Another amp thread.

This time around the thread is about me getting rid of my Spider III for something better tho. My budget is $200 maximum. I want something that will play rock, blues and metal without sounding like crap.

Currently I am eyeballing the Roland Cube 20X. Please help me out guys.
seriously, save those 200, it won't be a big step from a spider to another amp in that range

and when you say metal, what bands for example? Because it's hard to get a good metal sound from a $200 amp
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A Cube would be better but $200 is a poor budget. Save some more and get a Blackstar HT-5.

Other people are also going to mention a Peavey Vypyr, but is just another tumbling ball of mediocrity.

If you chekc your local Criaglist(s), you may be able to find a Line 6 Flextone used for around that price.
Cubes are good!!

But if I would be you I would save some cash to get a better one!
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If you go for a cube, get either one of the micro cubes or anything above the 30x. Those have the better amp models which are very good for metal.
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I guess I will save my money then. Thanks guys. For anyone that is looking for a good deal on a beginners amp, look here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350242619396

E-bay links aren't allowed, mate. I'm 99% that it's not your auction and that the link is meant in a genuine way, but I'm pretty sure it's against the rules.

Although I may be wrong about the link?
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It's against the rules in certain contexts.If your going aroundposting a link to your ebay auction and blatantly adverstising it,that's against the rules.If your posting an ebay link to a fake or an example of features/average price there's no harm in that.
These aren't official rules,but I'm sure the mods won't mind this.If your gonna post a link to an amp though,don't link to ebay if you can.
EDIT: TS, see if you can find a peavey studio-pro 112 or something (I can't remember the name).I can't imagine them being too much,and I personally like them alot for a budget amp.
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