I am looking to purchase a condenser microphone to record vocals and possible acoustic of electric guitar tracks. I would prefer one that has internal 9v power as opposed to phantom power. I am on a paupers budget as well. Thank you for throwing out suggestions.
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Shure SM57, except its not powered =/

An SM57 is not a condenser.....
What's your budget exactly? I could recommend the much-loved Studio Projects B1, the new SE 2000 or the AKG Perception 120 which I have heard absolutely nothing about. I haven't tried any of these but these are mics which are talked about a lot.

[EDIT] Ok that sounded a bit weird I meant I have heard some buzz about the AKG 120, but I haven't heard about it's sound.
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I would like to ideally keep it below 100.00 but with condensor mics that can be next to impossible.
Rode M3 is something you could definitely look at, I own one which I often use for vocals and acoustic guitars, as well as close-mic'ing guitar amps and get a pretty decent sound from it. It's not bad as a drum overhead either when used in stereo with another.
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