Okay, used the searchbar, got nothing. So I'm making a thread on 'em. Anyone else dig sssc?
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From what I've heard, they're looking pretty strong. There's a thread going around here about someone who opened for them, played with Morello and stuff, I'll try find it for you! Prepare to get really jealous though...



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It's a solid band. Some cool riffs, and great rapping, but the debut album was maybe a little weak. Didn't sound finished. I'm looking forward to new stuff!
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SSSC kicks a whole lotta ass, but I'm depressed 'cquse I almost got to see 'em open for NIN/JA tour, but got stuck in traffic on the way and missed them ;(
I thought it was a bit flat at first but its grown on me. I enjoyed the second half of the album more than the first. My highlights will be promenade, good morning mrs smith and the cover art freakin rules!
I definately think there is potential but having listened more closely to the album I think there are a few really half baked numbers on it. Fight Smash win is the main culprit. It wants to be rage- esque but just comes off flat and directionless.