minimum guitar amp wattage for band practise is 50-80W for solid state, this much i know.. but i've never actually heard the sound of an all-tube amp.. i've heard that its sound seems louder to the human ear for some reason.. so i just wanna know the minimum wattage required for band practise in case i get an all-tube guitar amp..

hoping it won't be 50-60W coz it sure costs a helluva lot..
you can get away with anything from 5 to 15 watts for band practice. 15 to 30 watts for small gigs. 30 to 60 for medium size gigs an anything above 60 for large gigs.
Is that 50-80 watt range something you heard, or your actual experience? Unless you've got an ape for a drummer (possible) I think 50W SS through 1 or 2 12" speakers is plenty, and you can certainly do 20 or 30 if you don't need the headroom.

With a tube amp, headroom is your only obstacle. If you need to be squeaky clean over a drummer, 30 or maybe 50W is necessary. If you don't, pretty much anything that's not a recording amp (5+ watts) will work, provided your speakers are decent.
Any tube amp can be usec for any situation, within reason. You will not get much cleans playing a stadium with a 5watt amp, but because of mics and tha P.A. you could do it. Also, more wattage usually results in more headroom, for cleans or edgy distortion, and also a bit more balls on the low end.

SS is a little different, they sound like crap dimed, so more wattage is nevert a bad thing with SS.
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