Crawling between the spaces of what I thought I knew
and what I thought would never be.
The gentle tapping on my door;
the second-hand blood pooling on the floor.
Raise myself to find the light
when all I see is growing night.
What a magnificent lie being spun.

I’ll see you on the other side
with the abortions and the paedophiles.
I’ll save you a seat at the head of the table
and make sure poems and fables are written about you,
about your conquests and ill-deceits,
the lives you tore and the hearts you broke.
I’ll play a song for you in hell, my friend,
every good deed deserves to end.

I’ll cultivate an army of homosexuals,
Jews, niggers, Muslims and Hitler,
and we’ll reap the seeds of evil together.
We’ll target the egotistical first
but your time will come;
the need to pray is now.

So you can keep your company with friends of a friend
and pretend you feel a part of the group.
I know the doubts are blooming into bloody roses
and they’ll form the shape of a twelve-legged spider.
It’ll crawl in your mind and devour anything worth something
until you’re left as a shell, crippled and retarded,
unable to speak or think or take a shit
without someone beside you to make sure you don’t kill yourself.

You think I’m speaking to someone else,
but it’s you and you alone I’m writing this for.
You hypocrite, you liar, you deceitful bastard,
this one’s for you.

I’ll die alone, I’m well aware of the fact,
but nothing good ever comes to you for free.
I only write this shit to prove I’m good at something,
but once the magic of it all dies
I’m sure to go with it.
Here’s to you, reality,
the giver and taker of all.

Im scared

My favourite part...
'Unable to speak or think or take a ****'

Nice work.

Ciao, Mike. I didn't really how scary this piece was until I reached the end and worked out just what this was about.

you'll be damned well sorely missed.
Rest in peace, Dæmönika.
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wtf r goin on?

i loathed the title. no offense.
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