Hey guys whats up. I'm getting tired of my current setup so i put my stuff on craigslist to sell it and get something new but I had this intresting trade come along. This guy wants to trade me a 1990 Ibanez RG770FM straight across for my Peavey 6505. I was only wanting to get $675 out of my peavey and it seems like this guitar goes for 900-1200 on ebay. Is this a good guitar? I can't find specs on it to save my life.
Well I saw a nice 770 with a tone zone in it go for 500 on ebay just yesterday actually.
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Thanks guys. Yeah its the flamed maple top though. But yes I don't think it's worth a straight up trade for my amp.
It's a fair trade. 770FM is worth more than that to many people.
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