Hey guys,

I am new to this forum, and I was just asking for some advice. When I was younger I got a Tom Delonge Signature Strat for a birthday present from my mom who doesn't know much about guitar let's just say. Now that I am much older I kind of grew out of the whole Blink 182 phase. I want to change it or get a new guitar. So since I have a job now and can finally buy something, would anybody recommend modifying my current Tom Delonge Fender or purchasing a new guitar. Price range is about 1500 or less. I really like the look, the feel, and the sound of Fender Strats. I play a wide variety of music such as, John Mayer, SRV, all the way to some rock/alternative. If anybody could let me know what would be the best idea to do whether modifying my current guitar or purchasing a new Fender Strat I would greatly appreciate it!
Its a squier fancy pickups wont change that.

Buy a fender american standard Hss. Humbucker in the bridge will be good for you rock stuff.
ive always liked the tom delonge guitars but yeah get a new one
you could do both. my stock squire (and SE special) sounds pretty good, but I've decided to drop a couple new pups in to make it better (only gonna cost a couple hundred dollars). and if you did that, you could buy another guitar and modify the squire for other things (like drop tunings or other things). www.musiciansfriend.com has some good prices on some strats, though you'll need to do some searching.

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Its a squier fancy pickups wont change that.

Boll*cks. If you have a good amp, and you have a squire, you could make it sound awosome with the addition of some 'fancy' pickups. Maybe change the bridge and nut too.

But if you have $1500 you could both modify your squire and buy a new fender strat, I dont know how much the American standards are in America, but I'm sure you could get one of those and buy some new pickups and a bridge.

What is it you don't actually like about the Tom Delonge guitar?
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First off,

It's not a Squire it' the Fender Stratocaster version (500-600 dollar purchase price). And I don't like it because the lack of versatility it has since I have grown out of playing punk rock. I was trying to inquire whether or not to add pickups on the guitar to change the sound so I can play different styles of music on it. Just wondering if you guys recommend modifying my current guitar or possibly buying a new fender stratocaster.
Sorry I left this out, but it only has one humbucker which is a Seymour Duncan Invader.
If the only problem is versatility and you like the way it feels then you should definitely mod your existing guitar. You'll be able to buy some REALLY nice parts with that kind of budget and still have a bunch left over.
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