I need some advice from experienced heads. I've been playing guitar for about 7months now and feel like i'm progressing pretty well.

I'm currently playing a battered old Westfield acoustic I got off a mate but I think it's time I took a step up to my 2nd guitar.

I've managed to save up about £150 - £200 ($250 - $300). Looking for something nice and playable, with a warm tone, not too fussed about looks.

I like to play a lot of different kinds of music but mainly stuff like Neil Young, Cash, Dylan.

What do you guys think I should get?
I would say an Ovation guitar, they are a bit more expensive, but have a great sound and was a nice low action.
Check the best acoustic for under $300 thread. I would wait until you can find a "USED" stock (just means it didn't pass the inspection at Epiphone, most online dealers pick the ones with finish flaws and then refinish them and you get a brand spankin new guitar for a fraction of the price) Epiphone Masterbilt for under $300. I got mine for $200 flat american and it is the sweetest piece of spruce and mahogany I have ever laid my hands on.
Warm tone?!

I thought I was the only one on here who liked guitars with a bit of bass.

Second the Epiphone line. Just make sure you play it first. Also...

flame shield up

you are close to the amount you need to find something in the Martin X series. HPL be damned, all of the ones I've owned gave me no troubles, yet each one also had that "Martin" tone.
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