Hello, I have recently been playing Don't bring me down by neil young and the tuning for that song is CGCFAc.

I am having a problem with my acoustic, I have put a nice new set of martin strings on and tuned the guitar down to play the song, the c string keeps breaking as I am tuning down two steps!

I don't understand I thort you can only break strings from tuning up! how can I prevent this from happening because it's happened twice now!!

Many thanks for you time.
You actually can break strings when downtuning. I'm not sure on the actual science on it, I read it once and forgot it, but It usually only happens to old strings that are starting to oxidize a bit and have stayed in standard (or one tuning in general) and only standard for most of their life. But these guys are probably right, it's probably a bridge/nut problem.
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