Im looking for some 3/4/5 open chord songs. Like ones to sing along to

Any ideas?
Does it offend you, yeah?
wonderwall!! most oasis is not that complicated and can be easily put on an acoustic

also johnny cash and foo fighters
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
If you've got a capo, Then "Free Falling" by Tom Petty; Three chords, easiest song ever. Really. Try it out.
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look and every acoustic song made in Quebec, if you can sing in french
if not, there is still some song only in english
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Ill try a few of these out thanks, I can play Wonderwall and Good Riddance already Heard they were easy, and they live true to that.
Does it offend you, yeah?
Anything Jack Johnson does is pretty simple and made to be sung along with. Definitly check him out man.
women folk love the soothing tunes of jason mraz and jack johnson
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
Pearl Jam - Elderley Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
- Off he Goes
Good Riddance
Free Fallin'
Sweet Home Alabama

And if you feel like doing some barre chord songs:

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Bubble Toes
I'm Yours
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I was at Long & McQuade, and they had a book called "50 greatest rocks hits with 3 easy chord!" Maybe pick that up!
hot n cold - katie perry
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wish you were here has 4 chords, all normal open chords realy easy and its one of the best songs ive ever heard
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Turn the Page - Bob Seger
Great song that's also easy to play and sing.
Check out the tab for Mr Brightside by the killers on here ... you barely move and you'd be learning some new variations maybe :-)

its a great sing along especially if you have a partner in the room to do it :-P
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