We are a band of 13-year olds named colt.45. We have three members, Justin at guitar, Jordan at bass, and Devon at drums and we were formed on August 12, 2009. We play songs from hard rock bands such as AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin, and we also play songs from lighter rock bands such as Bon Jovi, and some others. The songs we can currently cover are You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, Back In Black by AC/DC, Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin, and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. We also write our own songs and currently have three with a name and lyrics. One is Rock Out written by Devon Gilkerson, another is Last Time written by Justin Conte and Devon Gilkerson, and another is Beat Down Blues written by Devon Gilkerson. Check out our youtube because we will be adding videos of us soon and we currently have one with guitar and drums. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/thecolt45band09
Just so you know, there are probably over a million bands in the world named Colt .45
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You guys are pretty good. Very decent for only 13-year-olds. I would highly suggest four things though:

1. Get a singer. Especially if you're going for classic/hard rock; you're definitely going to need one.

2. Make a music page on MySpace. It's a great way to get noticed once you have a track recorded.

3. When you record a video, don't do just one take. I noticed you made some mistakes in your AC/DC cover on YouTube. If you can get a take where you have no mistakes period it'll be worth it in the long run, even if it takes you like 3 hours to get it right.

4. I agree with stinger12345. Definitely change your band name. I've already personally heard of another band called Colt .45 besides you guys, and the name sounds pretty generic regardless. Not saying it's a BAD name, but I would really suggest changing it.

Well, that's all the critique I have to offer. Overall, pretty good. Take those four things into consideration, and I really hope I didn't come off as a jack*ss to you.

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Honestly kinda sloppy but and terrible recording quality. but with that said you will kick my ass at guitar when you are my age
For the love of GOD! Please don't stop playing music. Hopefully there will be a time when you look back on this and laugh.

You guys were pretty good for being thirteen.

Keep it up, but do it for yourself, and not for the cash, the fame, or the girls.

Crit mine?

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thanks for the feedback guys. today I will upload another video with the whole band. and MattsRichardson i'm not the guitarist i'm the drummer but i will tell Justin that though. and my camera is just a little digital camera so it really takes down audio quality so we are a lot better than we sound. and by the way should we name our band colt.45 generation rock or high/voltage?
i just uploaded a new video with the whole band please watch and tell me what you think i know there are some mistakes but it is alright.