Im getting a new solid state amp and I wanted to know if the peavey transtube series are better than the vypyr serires. I just want an amp that sounds as much as possible close to a tube amp...and a lot of tone varieties
Easily, Vypyr... There are tons of possibilities with the Vypyr amp, you could just sit for hours going through each preset.

Although I havent played a lot of time on a Transtube.. I dont doubt that you'll be very impressed with the Vypyr series.
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First of all, the Vyper isn't SS, its modelling technology. If you want the wole shebang in a box, the Vypyr is what you would be after. If you know the tone you want, and only need a clean channel, a Peavey Bandit would be right up your alley.

I have a transtube Bandit, and its not bad if you can find it not overpriced.

edit: The Bandit will sound way more tubey than the Vypyr, but at the price of pedals being your main tone (the overdrive channel is eh IMO)

Really, try both out. Seriously, I'm not ****ing around.
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