Hey Pit,

I can't find a good page on the net that answers my question, so I thought, sod it, I'll ask UG.

Im looking to make some guitar covers as a full band, but tracked individually, but I don't know of any good video editing software that will allow me to have multiple screens in the video at once. I'm aware of the sony vegas or whatever, and the adobe premier I think, but I'd much rather have a free one.

Let me know if you know of any good programs

Thanks in advance!
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I have sony vegas pro 8
stupid waste of money, never learned how to use it.

its a great ****ing program though, the color correction is rediculously good, as for free, um pirate I guess.............. uh.. not very many of the free ones will do the type of stuff you want
Most can do it, even if they just allow 1 overlay channel you could export it 3 times and work on the previous one, 1 box each time.
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Sony Vegas Pro is great, and setting up multiple screens is very easy. Push of a button. After using Vegas, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro... i'll recommend Vegas Pro time and time again...

Vegas Studio should have the same feature if you don't want to pay as much as the pro edition, but i'd say go for the full thing if you're going to spend lots of time with it, I love using it myself.
I doubt you'll find anything free that can do that. You should just "buy" one of the programs mentioned above.
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and indeed i have 'bought' Sony Vegas Pro 8 >: D.

very nice program, i kinda figured out how to fit multiple videos into one screen, but i managed that in under 2 mins after opening it, so ill get to grips with it properly, expect to see some band covers on youtube soon